how to get a good night’s sleep

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how to get a good night's sleep

About the Author

Johann Callaghan is an international speaker, the bestselling Author of ‘How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep’, Sleep Science Coach, Health & Wellness Coach and Podcaster. She has featured many times in the media; on radio, podcasts, TV, newspapers and magazines articles and she is an award-winning entrepreneur. She is the creator of the 'Empowering Sleep Success', 12 Week Live Group Coaching Online Program. Her podcast 'Empowering Family Health' is a very successful show helping to empower parents and families all over the globe. Her books, keynote programs and videos have inspired many to improve their sleep, vitality and life. She is the host of the Empowering Family Health podcast. She helps to educate, inspire and empower people to take control of their lives again with better sleep, so that they can wake up happy with more energy, have better relationships and live their live on purpose. Johann really cares about people getting good sleep, helping families and children to thrive. Johann believes everything is better with a good night’s sleep.