How to get a good night’s sleep Digital

How to get a good night’s sleep Digital


Discover why sleep is so VITAL for a HAPPY and HEALTHY life and how to do it NATURALLY!



The ability to rest is the body’s key to healing.


Do you struggle with getting asleep at night, staying asleep and feeling exhausted? ‘How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep’ is easy to understand, solution based and backed with research to help you take back control of your night’s sleep.



“This book is a simple approach to getting a good night’s sleep” – Heidi Sawyer, author “Highly Intuitive People”


“How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep is an excellent well written resource for anyone who would like a good night’s sleep. It is easy to follow yet packed with practical invaluable strategies. I particularly like that the strategies are natural in nature but research supported, which means the reader can be confident that the approach works.” – Donna Kennedy, bestselling author and professional speaker


“You will sleep better and feel more rested if you read and apply the information in this book! Johann Callaghan has created a simple, easy-to-read masterclass on sleep.” – Dr Gloriane Giovannelli, Health & Nutrionist Expert. Shining Light On The Journey, Together.


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